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Pre-planning your funeral is simply planning your funeral in advance. As there are so many things to think about and arrange at the time a funeral is required, you will realise the benifits of putting arrangements in place before they are required. Making these plans ahead of time means that family are relieved of the pressure and stress of having to think about so many things possibly without being prepared to do so. As a will is a very important document to complete so that your estate is disbursed according to your wishes, so it is with pre-planning your own funeral service so that your family knows your exact wishes.

This can be completed by:

    1. Request a copy of our Personal Profile Booklet to record your personal details and wishes. This information can be held by us or in your own private records. No payment is required for this option.
    2. Taking the time to entrust one of our pre-planning consultants to record your personal details and wishes which we will keep securely on file to relieve those closest to you of the burden, and
    3. Pre-paying your funeral expenses to alleviate financial pressure at the time when the funeral is required. Funeral bonds allow you to set aside a simple tax effective investment of up to $11,250, held in a trust as a payment towards funeral expenses when needed. This option does not guarantee the cost of the funeral to be fixed.

Take the time to consider these options for the sake of your family and alleviating stress from them when they have to cope with the journey of grief and its associated feelings and struggles. Pre-planning will free them to think through some of the personal choices to make the funeral service a more meaningful time for family and friends.


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