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Grief is the normal response to any loss. We all deal with grief and loss in different ways. It is as unique and different as each of us are. The experience of grief can never come as the sole event in our lives, there are always other happenings that affect our responses.

When we experience loss, for us to allow it to go without acknowledging it as really happening can be quite unhealthy in the long term. Expressing grief honestly can lead to healing that will be personally strengthening and healthy.

It is therefore important to understand that how we grieve is individual to each person and is dependent personality, how past losses have been dealt with, other personal circumstances, how we have been taught to respond and of course the nature of the relationship shared with the person who died.

At first, it may all be so overwhelming that it's difficult to gather thoughts or know what to feel, it may be quite confusing. Travelling the journey of grief may be manageable on a day to day or even an hour by hour process with a range of experiences that may be similar to how others are coping but remember it will be individual. Some of the feelings may well include shock, disbelief, anger, deep sadness, fear, guilt or even some relief especially if the journey toward death was difficult. There are no rights or wrongs in this process nor is there any set order that feelings are experienced.

The experiences of grief will not be restricted to feelings. There may be some bodily reactions too, such as exhaustion. There may be more susceptibility to feeling sick and to general unwellness. It is advisable for a visit to your Doctor for a health assessment and to discuss any further help required.

In all of the experiences grief, it is important to be honest with yourself and other important people in your life. Remember it is a process not a state of being.

It is vital that, as funeral professionals, we can listen to you through this process and help you to have the very best farewell experiences in the whole funeral process. We are not grief experts but our aim is to be sensitive to your individual needs and, if necessary, provide you with recommending professional counsellors and support groups who may be of assistance.


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